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Fun Online Games to Play with Friends

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Today, it’s easier than ever to stay connected with your friends, no matter how far away you may be. Fortunately, there are a wide range of fun online games that you can play together from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re looking for classic board or card games, or something more involved like fantasy role-playing adventures and virtual worlds, there’s something for everyone. Here are some of the best online games you can play with friends.

Old School RuneScape


OSRS is a fantasy MMORPG with an expansive world, filled with quests and monsters to defeat. You can explore the game solo or join up with your friends for cooperative adventures. Many players focus on the game’s PvP features, like player-versus-player combat and minigames where you can pit yourself against other teams. If it is your first time playing this game, you must know that you need some gold. If you want to know the best places to buy OSRS gold, you should continue reading. Many people use sites like PieGP to buy gold.

Drawful 2

Drawful is a hilarious game of drawing and guessing. Each player gets their own turn at the canvas, using tools such as colors and stamps to create an image based off a prompt. Other players have to try to guess what the drawing should be. The first person to guess it correctly gets the most points. Drawful is a great way to have fun and show off your artistic skills without any pressure. Many people have compared the game to Pictionary, and it’s a great way to bond with each other. So, if you and your friends are the creative type, be sure to check it out.


Colonist is a digital version of the classic board game Settlers of Catan. You can join up to four friends and build settlements, roads, cities, and trade resources as you try to gain the most points by the end of 10 rounds. The game is a great way to test your strategy skills while also having some fun with your friends. And if none of your pals are available to play, don’t worry. Colonist also offers a single-player mode, so you can still enjoy the game.


CSCounter strike is one of the most popular first-person shooter games out there. You can join your friends in a 5v5 team match and face off against another group of players. The goal is to be the last team standing by arming yourself with various weapons and working together as a unit. If you’re looking for an intense game that requires teamwork and skill, then Counter-Strike is a perfect choice. Many people have been playing this game for years, and it still remains one of the most popular online games out there.

No matter what type of game you and your friends prefer, there is certainly something that everyone can enjoy. From classic card or board games to intense first-person shooters, these are just some of the fun …

How to Enjoy Gaming Like a Nerd

nerd-strong gamer

All people play games today. With the rise of smart gadgets and game apps, the technology has facilitated everyone with easy access to games. They can proclaim themselves as gamers, but there are these gamers who seem to have the most dedication to playing games, the game nerds.

The term used to be derogative, but now it is more of a compliment for their superiority and stunning gaming skill. Even when given the same chance, a normy still cannot beat the game nerd. How exactly do they possess such power?

Knowing the basics of the game

If you observe close enough on a pro Dota player, they get his/her title because their attacks are precise and well executed. It is as if they have thought of an action fifteen paces before it is done.

game-guide-to-readThe way to achieve such precision is to know the basics of the game. Most players skip reading the tutorials and the guidebooks whenever they play Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), while the fundamental knowledge can offer an advantage over other players who are not aware of it.

Think of a game as a race. Every time you stall and have fun with the game, you are already losing it. For example, when playing Dark Souls, the whole point of the game is for the player to enjoy labor works to level up. It is very hard to play by default. Purposeless wandering in the game will only make you stuck at one level over and over again. The hard challenges need to be done as quickly as possible because they are the ones that give exceptional powerful items or armors as the reward.

Sharpening your eyes to observe details

Both single and multiplayer games display scoring systems. After you are aware of the true purpose of playing game discussed in the previous section, which is to win faster than other players, you need to sharpen your observation skills on the winning variables of the game.

In rank-based MMORPG, high-level players are invulnerable to the lower ranks. Teaming up with other players, however, increase the possibility to take down a single high-rank player. You should know when is the right time to strike and what is the proper group assembly.


Knowing who cheats and who’s legit

Multiplayer-gamePlaying online game can be immersive. And it tends to trap your mind to acknowledge the game rules only while ignoring the fact that there are external factors that can violate the rules, such as buying superior items with real money, botting the characters, and using whatever available on the site that offers best video game guides, hacks, and cheats. Cheaters are seriously ruining the game because they gain the most advantage with the least effort. It is unfair to legit players who want to create healthy gaming environment.

When you know the basics, equipped with keen observation skill, and the awareness of such illegitimate actions, you can be the game police. Reporting cheaters in an online game …