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Top TV Shows 2016

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We are in an era where television shows are at their peak and even the most dedicated viewer will have a difficult time keeping track with the best television shows for a single day. Go to tv series download site to download more. Some of the shows have characters from old favorite’s series while others are new premiering shows that promise to keep you at the edge of your seat. This has made it extremely difficult for one to keep track of all the shows.

The top television shows 2016


Damian Lewis returns for another Showtime series that is meant to capture the interest of the momentum that is building up in the American politics. In this series Lewis is playing the role of a cool, evasive finance manager together with Paul; a determined attorney who is trying all antics to pull him down.

Man Seeking Woman

This is a television series that premiered in January. It explores the in-depth challenges that are in modern dating. This is one of the weirdest stories that cover the aspects of modern dating.

In the series, the central character Josh is in a desperate search for love and his attempts are disillusioned by a series of bizarre misfortunes that include a trip to hell and misplaced private parts.

American crime

In this television series, the first season is a chronicle story of the aftermath of a murder that took place in California. The second season is a story of a high school guy who accuses his basketball teammates of drugging him before sexually assaulting him. Some of those featuring include Felicity Huffman, Regina King, and Timothy Hutton.

Black sails

This is a pirate drama with its third season premiering. It has a mixture of facts and fiction for its audience. It features Robert Louis in a treasure land with Charles Vane Anne Boney and Jack Rackham. It’s one of the most notorious pirates of all time.

Crazy ex-giCrazy ex-gi rlfriendrlfriend

This is a crazy musical comedy. It’s a story of a young woman who moves to California from New York after a moment of encounter with her former boyfriend. Rachael Bloom plays the role of a multifaceted character that is lovely but ever showing her ugly side. The musical bits are well matched to give insights of the characters

There are a variety of shows that are set to make it to the top tv shows 2016 as the year progresses. It is the initiative of an individual to look out for the shows that perfectly match their interest among the collection of shows.…

3 Main Reasons to Watch Movies and TV Online

Old camera

The entrainment industry has welcomed a unique mode of watching TV and Movies online. As such, you can look at your favorite shows anywhere and at any time. Besides, you do not have to wait to catch up on previous episodes, as these programs are available online. Family and career demands can limit the amount of time for entertainment. However, In case you find time during odd hours, or when your shows are not live on air, then TV streaming becomes a handy option.laptop

With a few shows, there is a real way to start series streaming to watch your favorite TV shows. However, if you intend to look at a few new shows, old ones recommended by friends or shows from a genre different from the one you usually watch, you need to research on the best place to find them. Sites like stream tv that allow series streaming have a huge list of popular TV series of every category from thrillers, romance, science fiction, or comedy. Read the short description of the show, the casting and decide accordingly. Besides cost, read on to see the main advantages of online TV streaming.

Benefits of Watching TV Online


The main advantage with websites offering series streaming is that these act as curated sites for all sorts of movies, TV series and even popular books. Since downloading video files can be time-consuming and the huge files occupy an enormous amount of disc space, series streaming is a good option to cut down on space requirements. Choose a site that offers quality videos without any bugs. Any credible streaming site will have a comments section. Going through the reviews posted by viewers give you an idea of the TV series you wish to download and overall service level of the site.

Develops Your Memory

Different studies have confirmed that series streaming or watching series online helps in triggering and improving your memory. This is attributed to that fact that they force you to remember what happened in the previous episode in a friendly way. Having to remember and link the developments of recent scenes with previous ones helps your memory work faster. It also builds the memory’s ability to retain information.


popcornBesides, among the advantages, TV and movie streaming lets you watch TV anywhere even while you are on the move. If your handheld supports streaming, then you can stream your favorite movies while on the go provided you are connected to the Internet.

Besides the many advantages of movies and TV streaming onine, one of the best things about this mode of entertainment presents you with a unique option to choose what you want and when you want it. This presents you with an opportunity of viewing only what interests you.…

Best Movies to Watch on Netflix in March 2016


When it comes to watching the latest movies, no platform beats Netflix. The platform offers different types of movies that can be streamed. The Netflix movie list offers suggestions to its users based on the tastes and preference of the user. At times, it might be tough to choose what to watch, but fortunately, Netflix offers different types of options.

Movies to watch


This movie type is comedy-meets-crime. It has been directed by Rick Famuyiwa and centers on three high school lensstudents Jib, Malcolm, and Diggy who are living in a shanty neighborhood in Inglewood, California. The three self-proclaimed geeks are into punk and the 1990s hip-hop which makes the outsiders and the rest of their peers see them as being out of place.

Malcolm, us hopeful he will score straight As once he sits for his SAT examinations that will enable him to join Harvard, which is his dream school. However, a drug deal dupes Malcolm, who decides to carry several MDMA at a party only to find himself at the center of the drug trafficking network. He finds himself on the spot as he has to strike a balance between the potential romances and college applications and distribute the drugs.


This movie by one Joe Wright is the best as far as prose, subtly, and nuance is concerned. The film centers on the lives of three individuals James McAvoy, Saoirse Ronan, and Keira Knightley over thirty years. The video highlights an amorous encounter that changes their lives forever. The result of the lewd act results in a devastating romance that oscillates between a hospital in London and war in France. This is one great movie that will keep you glued to your seat.

The Best if Youth

This movie that is directed by Marco Tullio is based on a family saga. The film is intriguing and fascinating at the same time. The starring is two brothers Nicola and Matteo. The film keenly follows every detail of their lives since early stages in childhood to adulthood. This six-hour movie is epic and suitable for family viewing.

Finding Vivian Maier

movieVivian Maier is a former nanny who spent most of her free time photographing the streets of Chicago in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Vivian Maier photography work was found after she passed on.

This movie borrows from Vivian Maier extraordinary works whereby it centers on the search for the undiscovered talent. This is another great movie to watch in the month of March.…

Top 10 Movie of 2016.

The year 2016 is still fresh and new and when it comes to arts and entertainment things are on the promising end.
This we can say as there are many great films which are expected to be massive hits once they land on our favorite theatres.


From the year 2015 we have heard of yet-to-be releases which land mark their cinema mark this year- the most famous of this lot being Captain America Civil War.

The previous sequels to Captain America have been largely popular among many audiences and the latest addition of the Civil War is expected to live up to this high level mark.

With high degree of accuracy, we can get to predict the kind of films that are set to rule the theatre this year and also provide excellent explanation.

Sci-fi, superheroes, fantasy, war-based and animated films are expected to top the list as this has been the trend for the last three-four years or so.

Specifically the leading films will be the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice, Captain America Civil War and the latest Star Wars sequel- Rogue One.

These are just some of the films that have managed to garner much attention from theatre enthusiast and from this we can expect record breaking box office sales.


There are also this pack that also demand attention and may offer lots of surprise and even topple the position of the already top four’ movies list.

Some of these films in this category have been made against massive budgets and the expectations are high that will ultimately live up to their expected hype. Deadpool, Fifty Shades of Black, Kung Fu Panda and 13 Hours The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi are also taking the box office with massive storm.

The ratings for these films are truly exceptional and on average film critics do rate them 7.5 on a scale of 10 – a big indication that these movies will truly impress.

All in all we should prepare for great films this year and to wind up our top 10 movie of 2016 we cannot in any way fail to include the 5th Wave and Suicide Squad off our list.

The latter film combines fantasy, action, thrill and adventure into one great movie and if are in love with stuff revolving around governments secret agents then in that case the Suicide Squad will really be great.

videoOn the other hand the 5th Wave is a sci-fi film whose storyline is based on alien invasion on the earth and probably the story line is of a unique nature in comparison to the top 10 movie compilations 2016 is expected to be a year of success for the Hollywood film industry and in between we might be surprised by new addition which can promise to be even more entertaining.

This aspect unpredictability is quite common among many film producers who prefer to keep a low profile only to hit the theatres with massive …