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The Most Famous Thai Actor

Thailand is one of the popular tourist destinations in Asia and it is known for various attractions that include a unique lifestyle and cuisine as well as the Thai massage.

However, these are not the only things Thai is known for.


Like other Asian nations, Thailand is known to produce and export different types of action and romance drama movies.

There are many popular Thai actors in the film industry and determining the best can be quite daunting and subjective.

Nonetheless, you can still draw the line to distinguish the most loved iconic actors from the rest.

There are various ways of identifying famous actors and they are often shown in more platforms than the others.

So who is the most famous Thai actor?

  • actorPopular actors

As aforementioned, there are many reputed flourishing Thai actors and actresses.

Choosing one as the most famous will therefore require keen review of the most popular icons in the industry.

Aspects of movies done, social media and online fans, number of fans watching the videos and awards are all important when determining the most famous Thai actor.

Names like Adrian Robert Bowden, Jintanutda Lummakanon and Aditya Assarat are only a few renowned actors in Thailand.

The famous actors are often used to advertise products.

They are also invited in events to increase the number of fans attending such functions.

In order to accurately determine the most famous Thai actor, a review of their fans, movie roles, social media interactions and general buzz is required.

Aditya Assarat for instance is popular for various things that include screenwriting, cinematography, movie-directing and acting.movies

Her involvement in all these aspects of filming makes her one of the most famous Thai actresses.

Adrian Bowden is a famous film actor who has appeared in numerous films and is a common face in films, ads and billboards.

The 43 year old actor is indeed one of, if not the most famous Thai actors.

Other popular figures include Adul Dulyarat 83, Aim Sukkasem, Akkaphan Namart 30, Aey Chernyim and Alicha Hiranpruk among others.

All these are famous Thai actors with many fans, movie roles and flourishing images.

  • videoBut who is the most famous?

Although there are many famous actors from Thai, there is still that one particular icon that excels above every other.

Adrian Bowden has been in the action business for a long time and achieved quite a feat. He is well known and has a good rapport with the fans.

He is arguably the most famous actor although names like Jintanuntda and Aditya also enjoy exceptional fame in the region and abroad.