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Ideal Ways to Store Your Guitar

hanging guitar

Who wouldn’t want to make their dream come true and have a formidable collection of guitars? Some are close to that goal, not without facing some difficulties, such as finding the solution to store them. There are multiple options you have, like hanging them on the wall.

You should familiarize yourself with the best way to hang a guitar on the wall for proper storage. There are several reasons why you should store your guitar correctly. One good reason we would want to do this is to protect them from shocks. Another is that some forms of storage optimize space better than others. Here are the best storage solutions for your guitar.

Multiple Floor Stands

One of the mostguitar rack obvious ways and which, at this point, is no mystery, is the use of multiple supports. These are bases designed to receive three or more guitars and keep them stable and secure. Some are rather vertical, with triple clamps to support three guitars, while others are more similar to a “donkey,” in which you can put the guitars on drums, resting on the body.

Of the latter type, there are even folding variants that are also your pedal bag. In any of the cases, you must be careful with one detail. If your guitars have a nitrocellulose finish, you must choose a model that offers guarantees that it is made with a non-aggressive material for that finish.

Double Covers

If you are one of those who prefer to store guitars in cases, you will be happy to know that double cases can hold more than one instrument. Some are hard cases, while others are soft cases: each has its advantages, but the soft cases have a bit more variety in format.

Wall Mounts

Another resource that you probably all know. Storing guitars on wall mounts has many advantages, the most obvious being saving floor space. But there are also others, such as having them always at hand, and they are relatively protected from blows, kicks, and falls to the ground.

Wardrobe Hangers

It may soundhanging guitar strange, but it is real. There are hangers specially designed to hang guitars in a closet. It is a solution that allows them to be protected inside a piece of furniture. At the same time, they do not have to carry a cover and therefore have them more close at hand. Of course, they likely take up a lot of space in the closet since it does not seem an excellent idea to have them excessively together if you want to avoid clashes between them. You can also try other DIY solutions to store your guitar correctly.…