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The Best Rap Singer.

The question of who is the best rap singer is really quite subjective since each person is intrigued, comforted and delighted by different kinds of rap music.


However, we can still draw a line that separates rap singers and identifies the most loved artists.

Simply looking at the number of fans in social media and online platforms is not enough to name any rapper as the best singer in the industry.

There are many other aspects to look at including the number of shows and fans attending, sold albums and CD copies, on air play time.

Others include how many people tune to the channel when the rapper has an interview or the kind of attendance they spark when they are set to appear at a given event.

  • Top rated rap singers

musicianThere is probably an inexhaustible list of rap singers in the world today singing in different styles, languages and on varying topics both underground and mainstream.

Fortunately, determining the best rapper does not necessarily require a comprehensive review of all the artists.

You can quickly come up with the most popular iconic rap singers and top rated rappers in different companies and then compare them.

Some of the popular rap singers who have been named or referred as the finest to ever do it include Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Nas, J-Master-J, Pimp C, 2Pac and Drake among many others. Every year, different music events are help to award rap singers and artists of other genres.

While different artists win different awards each year, there is a steady trend that can be seen and others have flourished accumulating many top rap music awards. Lil Wayne once came with the “best rapper alive” vibe which lasted a while during the Carter 3 and 4 albums but it slowly died out as new artists like Drake joined the team of most loved rap singers. Jay Z has been top of his game like forever and is still considered one of the most successful rap singers in hip hop as well as black music. Artists like Pimp C, 2Pac and JMJ were once top artists but they are already passed away.

  • concertSo who is the best?

Clearly, deciding on who is the best rap singer is subjective and everyone has their favorite rapper who they consider as the best.

Nonetheless, Jay Z is still considered the best rapper in the business and has won several coveted awards.

He is still wining trophies over 20 years later and simply has no contention for his unique style and rap versatility.