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Category: Events

Tips for Choosing the Best Event Planner

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The process of choosing an event organizer for your upcoming event can be quite difficult. This is because most people do not have insight into the process. You should avoid hiring lazy organizers who could ruin your day. corporate events company can help you plan you team building function. In this post, you will learn about what to look for when hiring a professional event planner.

Your Event Objective

corporate event venueIt is unfortunate that most people hire event planners solely on their budget. The truth is that it is necessary to start by defining why you want the event to take place. This is necessary before you get out looking for a planner. In this way, you can share your goals and ideas for the event. Get answers to all your possible questions. When you start early, you can have adequate time to accommodate adjustments.

Use Local Resources

Studies show that the word of mouth is useful when it comes to hiring an event planner for a weekend retreat, team building, breakfast business meeting, corporate function, and other events. Albeit it is useful, it is not an effective approach.

When looking for the best event planner, you should look for someone who is experienced and has a strong reputation in your local area. It does not matter whether it is a corporate meeting or social event, the process of getting your event organizer ought to be the same: hiring a person who has expertise in organizing events similar to yours.


planning an eventThe good thing about interviewing with your potential planners is that it gives you an opportunity to discuss the needs of the applicants. Ideally, most organizers will want to hear your particulars about the event. You should provide them with the basics and focus on their expertise. This will help you reduce the number of applicants to at least two. Professional planners will help you come up with the event’s objectives, guest count, budget, timeline, and even personal preferences.


By taking into account the objectives of the event, it is good to determine how much it will cost. The total cost varies depending on the event type and everything that is included. A professional organizer will assess your budget and utilize it maximally to your interests. Also, the planer should disclose his or her costs. In fact, he or she should give you a breakdown of the costs. These will vary from one organizer to another.…

Why you need a photo booth for corporate events

Camera lense

At a time when the world is filled with innovative products, it would be so unfortunate to have pictures that look are similar to those taken in the nineteenth century. Photo booths offer a great way of capturing special moments in the best way possible. This will leave you with something to look back and enjoy the memories. As such, if you represent a company that is on the verge of holding some corporate functions, you need to give photo booths a try. Here are some advantages of using photo booths during corporate functions.

5 benefits of hiring a photo booth for your events

Improves your brand’s imagelens

Are you selling products or services? If yes, hiring a photo booth is the way to go. The latter can capture quality photos. More to this, if you are hosting events, it gives you the possibility of posting them online. This way you get to market your brands widely. In return, people get to provide comments that may give a huge boost to your brand.

Engaging people

With a portable photo booth, it becomes very easy to engage various stakeholders. Customers, potential clients, and employees get to interact freely in trade fairs. Consequently, this leads to the exchange of ideas meant to improve the organization. Besides that, through this interaction, potential clients can join the company.

Helps build new relationships

During trade fairs and other cooperate events, people naturally enjoy taking selfies and fun group photos. Thus, people bond more. This may mean new friendships, and at the same time help strengthen new relationships. Ultimately, this can translate to more potential clients. It is also through such fun moments where people feel free to share their ideas. That said, consider outsourcing a photo booth the next time you are hosting a corporate event.

Team building

Other than creating new friends, photo booths are a great way of bringing clients, customers, and potential customers to one platform. Photo booths have features such as green screen, props, wind machine and background images. In such events as people engage in entertaining activities, they also discuss their achievements, drawbacks, and future strategies. As such, the entire team has a common goal.

Free souvenir

photo boothWith photo booths, it is possible to print out photos you took out during a cooperate event. Additionally, you can upload these pictures. As such, you can have free souvenirs from the company. This is one of the ways in which companies tries to create associations with potential clients.

With these advantages, you have every reason to hire a photo booth when holding office parties or trade fairs. It is only with a quality unit and an organization that has been in this industry when you can realize the benefits highlighted here.…