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Top TV Shows 2016

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We are in an era where television shows are at their peak and even the most dedicated viewer will have a difficult time keeping track with the best television shows for a single day. Go to tv series download site to download more. Some of the shows have characters from old favorite’s series while others are new premiering shows that promise to keep you at the edge of your seat. This has made it extremely difficult for one to keep track of all the shows.

The top television shows 2016


Damian Lewis returns for another Showtime series that is meant to capture the interest of the momentum that is building up in the American politics. In this series Lewis is playing the role of a cool, evasive finance manager together with Paul; a determined attorney who is trying all antics to pull him down.

Man Seeking Woman

This is a television series that premiered in January. It explores the in-depth challenges that are in modern dating. This is one of the weirdest stories that cover the aspects of modern dating.

In the series, the central character Josh is in a desperate search for love and his attempts are disillusioned by a series of bizarre misfortunes that include a trip to hell and misplaced private parts.

American crime

In this television series, the first season is a chronicle story of the aftermath of a murder that took place in California. The second season is a story of a high school guy who accuses his basketball teammates of drugging him before sexually assaulting him. Some of those featuring include Felicity Huffman, Regina King, and Timothy Hutton.

Black sails

This is a pirate drama with its third season premiering. It has a mixture of facts and fiction for its audience. It features Robert Louis in a treasure land with Charles Vane Anne Boney and Jack Rackham. It’s one of the most notorious pirates of all time.

Crazy ex-giCrazy ex-gi rlfriendrlfriend

This is a crazy musical comedy. It’s a story of a young woman who moves to California from New York after a moment of encounter with her former boyfriend. Rachael Bloom plays the role of a multifaceted character that is lovely but ever showing her ugly side. The musical bits are well matched to give insights of the characters

There are a variety of shows that are set to make it to the top tv shows 2016 as the year progresses. It is the initiative of an individual to look out for the shows that perfectly match their interest among the collection of shows.