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Tag: Escape IQ

All You Need To Know About Escape IQ game

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Escape IQ is an innovative game for team building and coordination. The entire idea behind escape room los angeles is to build understanding between players to escape a room within a stipulated time. The players need to work hand in hand and integrate their thoughts and ideas to solve a room puzzle for the “door” to open and them to escape. It is a technologically advanced game, which challenges players to work their way out of an awkward situation.Escape IQ game

There are two types of trap rooms in Escape IQ, one is Escape Alcatraz’ and Escape the Vault’, both have different sets of puzzles that players caught inside would need to match and finalize before the door can open. The concept of the game is to test the mental toughness of the players in a real life survival situation. The participants have to work together on an adventure, listen to each other, reflect their ideas will each other and then organize those ideas to survive.

Rules of the game:

Time limit

The game is scheduled for one hour where all players should combine their mental and problem-solving abilities to solve the clues and escape the room.

Maximum Players

A room can have a maximum of ten players. These players could be from the same school, class, office or family and they can sync their skills together to find the answers to the clues. In cases where all players are not from the same home, office, etc. then other people would be added to the room. This would help in even greater teamwork.

Age Limit

Anyone below the age of 16 would need a guardian or parent to accompany them to Escape IQ. As such, the guardian or parent would need to sign a waiver for the child.


You are not restricted to calling it quits during the one-hour time slot due to whichever reason. However, once you quit, one is not allowed back into the room.


Participants would need to find the clues hidden inside different parts of the room, put those clues together to piece up the puzzle and once the puzzle is solved, they are free to leave.


Anyone reaching Escape IQ late would lose time from their assigned one-hour escape time.…