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Gaming As a Recreational Activity

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Having some free time off work is essential because it helps break that monotony of continuously working in the same environment for an extended period. How many times have you waited for the weekend or an off day so that you can engage yourself in other activities? Free time will help you relax or participate in entertaining activities. We all have different ways of spending time off duty. Some people prefer engaging in energy-filled events while others will involve themselves in activities that require the use of less energy. Energy-filled activities include hiking, hill climbing, kayaking among others. Relaxing activities that require less adrenaline include watching movies and gaming. You should buy the right gaming equipment if you want a great experience. Get yourself the correct size of monitor, speakers, and controllers.

A good gaming desk is essential because that is where you place your equipment. You should understand the price and right features if you plan on gamebuying the Arozzi Arena adjustable gaming desk. Gaming helps improve your brain speed and activity because of some of the tasks involved in these games that will require you to make up your mind fast. It also helps improve your coordination because it includes your physical, audial and visual movement. Gaming is considered one of the best recreational activities because of how it can develop your skills in socialization. Here is why you should try it as a pass time activity.


You can call your friends over during your free time and play video games. One can also find some time and visit a gaming lounge in their area. You will meet up with new people who are ready to face off with you in the game you are playing. Meeting up with new people is good because you get to know each other and exchange ideas.

It is fun

Multiplayer-gamePlaying games can be a source of fun. The fun you experience will help in the relaxation of your mind. Most games offer a two player option where you can set up a tournament that will see different people play. You will derive fun from winning a game or introducing new skills that your friends lack in the game.

Improved self-esteem

Some people experience self-esteem issues because they do not like interacting with others. Involving yourself in gaming will help boost your self-esteem because you will interact with different people in a gaming lounge. You can also invite new friends over for a game. The interaction you get and winning games will give you that self-confidence.…

How to Enjoy Gaming Like a Nerd

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All people play games today. With the rise of smart gadgets and game apps, the technology has facilitated everyone with easy access to games. They can proclaim themselves as gamers, but there are these gamers who seem to have the most dedication to playing games, the game nerds.

The term used to be derogative, but now it is more of a compliment for their superiority and stunning gaming skill. Even when given the same chance, a normy still cannot beat the game nerd. How exactly do they possess such power?

Knowing the basics of the game

If you observe close enough on a pro Dota player, they get his/her title because their attacks are precise and well executed. It is as if they have thought of an action fifteen paces before it is done.

game-guide-to-readThe way to achieve such precision is to know the basics of the game. Most players skip reading the tutorials and the guidebooks whenever they play Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), while the fundamental knowledge can offer an advantage over other players who are not aware of it.

Think of a game as a race. Every time you stall and have fun with the game, you are already losing it. For example, when playing Dark Souls, the whole point of the game is for the player to enjoy labor works to level up. It is very hard to play by default. Purposeless wandering in the game will only make you stuck at one level over and over again. The hard challenges need to be done as quickly as possible because they are the ones that give exceptional powerful items or armors as the reward.

Sharpening your eyes to observe details

Both single and multiplayer games display scoring systems. After you are aware of the true purpose of playing game discussed in the previous section, which is to win faster than other players, you need to sharpen your observation skills on the winning variables of the game.

In rank-based MMORPG, high-level players are invulnerable to the lower ranks. Teaming up with other players, however, increase the possibility to take down a single high-rank player. You should know when is the right time to strike and what is the proper group assembly.


Knowing who cheats and who’s legit

Multiplayer-gamePlaying online game can be immersive. And it tends to trap your mind to acknowledge the game rules only while ignoring the fact that there are external factors that can violate the rules, such as buying superior items with real money, botting the characters, and using whatever available on the site that offers best video game guides, hacks, and cheats. Cheaters are seriously ruining the game because they gain the most advantage with the least effort. It is unfair to legit players who want to create healthy gaming environment.

When you know the basics, equipped with keen observation skill, and the awareness of such illegitimate actions, you can be the game police. Reporting cheaters in an online game …

Top Qualities Of Video Game Testers

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Experienced gamers have probably learned so much about games, and therefore they can take another role of testing and reviewing different video games. However, there are many qualities such a person must have to qualify for this role. Qualified game testers are important in the gaming world as they not only encourage the gaming manufacturers to improve but also help gamers to know what to expect from any game. They are sometimes used as consultants to advise gamers whether to buy a specific game or not. This article will highlight on various qualities such people must have.

Qualities of video game tester

Enough gaming experience

a manGaming experience comes with time and persistent gaming for an extended period. One cannot play video games for a month and expect to become a qualified game tester. The more the experience, the greater the knowledge in various games. Game testers compare the current game with various set parameters like previous versions of the game, other games with similar qualities, smooth of play and the overall gaming experience.

Ability to work for long hours

Gaming in itself requires someone who can work long hours and require great concentration. Video games testing is also similar, only that it many need more hours of repeating levels to get average performance with all the details analyzed. Testing may not come as a hobby but rather its a job which requires credible reports at the end of the day. Working for long hours on the video games may be demanding, and one must be in a position to overcome the build in pressure.

Keen to details

computer gamesMost of the issues video games testers pick are not things ordinary gamers can pick. They require someone who is keen to details. Experienced games testers are known to pick even the finest details which play a great role in reviewing the video and computer games. They don’t go for the obvious details which anyone can pick but rather try and pick the inner details so that when they review a game, others can benefit from those reviews.

Analysis skills

Depending on the video game, these people are tasked to analyze various aspects of the game. Analytical skills also when them when they are handling questions regarding the various games they have tested. Comparison of games is also based analytical data, and this is what they must provide during ranking of different games. From these qualities, then you can learn to view video games testers results as credible.…