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Things to consider when buying a gaming laptop

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These days, some gaming laptops are being made by laptop companies in response to the growing needs of gamers around the world.

Those days when only desktop computers were utilized for gaming purposes are long gone. With today’s technology being continuously developed, those big gaming desktop rigs can be squeezed into the small and more compact casing of laptops which are specifically designed for gaming purposes.

When deciding on which of the gaming laptops should help you , it is good to consider the following things when buying. The best cheap gaming laptop of 2016 (TVGB picks!) can also help you pick a good one.

Graphics Memory

This may be the most important part of gaming laptops because of most of the time; this is the measurement if a laptop is indeed for gaming purposes. Make sure that the video card is dedicated, and not shared. Shared video memories share the RAM memory.

Therefore it is not effective in modern and new games. Some of the laptops even offer customization of up to two graphic cards specifically for the physics and for the game’s graphics, giving them unparalleled quality.

System Memory

New games today are quite demanding when it comes to memory, so expect to have high RAM configurations with the new gaming laptops. It is typical to have around 2 GB of RAM in gaming rigs today, but others prefer up to 8 GBs of RAM.


processorsHow can your laptop work without its processor? Most of the high-end laptops capable of gaming have quad core processors, but there are also some who settle for dual core processors. It all depends on your budget. Typical laptops now have 2. 0 GHz, though others have higher with even four cores for the ultimate gaming rig.

Hard Drive Capacity

Modern games and upcoming games eat up a lot of hard drive space, so consider choosing one which can hold your media library plus all your games. Most of the laptops nowadays come with no less than 250GB of the hard drive, but you can always choose to those with 500 GB to even 1 TB and the future-proof your laptop for new games.

Screen Size

Depending on the gamer, it is not exactly fun to play games on such small screens. That’s why most gaming laptops have 15. 4″, 17″ or even 18″ of the display to make sure that you only get to have the best gaming experience you can have.

gamerOthers even have full high-definition of 1080p resolution, which gives their laptops the ability to display the best graphics of their games.